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Boy ACEO's

Boy ACEO's are available in my eBay shop.

Villo, the first villain/hero.

Bald Boy

In a bit of a rebellious mood, he chose to go to work on Casual Friday as Business Friday.

If there was only a sling for his pride.


Malachi & Lucinda


Genetics are so fickle.  He was only one fourth bird, who knew their babies would be four full fledglings!

I thought it was time for a new family picture.  I like the idea of my babies as birds and Mr. Vincent and I teaching them to fly.  That is our ultimate goal; to get them to be able to do things for themselves.

Fledglings 11"x14"

I tried to take pictures of the process.  Sketch.




Here are a couple of my birds drawing and painting along with me.


Mr. Vincent's reaction to this painting is my favorite, "NO!  Why do I have WINGS!?"