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Etsy Shopping Spree!

Today I am 33!  Mr. Vincent gave me the best gift in the world, an Etsy gift certificate.  Yes, even better than the four children he gave me (I kid I kid.)  Here are a few of the things I purchased...

Dark Chocolate Anise Truffles by estheraguirre.

Tiny Scallop Clock by uncommon

Unicorn T shirt (women's of course) by beadartexpress

Birch Bark Candle Holders by miwoodcrafts

Lilly of the Valley necklace by handmadebybluebird

And my favorite....BEARDED MERMEN!!! by pepperstitches

Matilda Bunnyslippers

"I enjoy the art of letter writing. Getting a good letter in the mail is better than getting a magazine, a newspaper, or a zine, and much much better than getting an email."  --Matilda Bunnyslippers

Here is my letter from Miss Bunnyslippers

Received some fun clippings, stories, and drawings.

Gleem advertisement and a pink kitchen!

Receiving Matilda's letter made my day and the fact that I paid a stranger to write to me didn't cheapen it one bit!

She will gladly write to you too!

Nettie and Ted Greeting Cards

I recently had four different images printed as greeting cards.  The first one is Nettie & Ted.  They come in packs of five, include envelopes, and I've left the inside blank so that you can think of your own message to send.  Here are some suggestions in case you have trouble thinking of what to write...

"Thanks for my pet turtle" "I love you even though you are as slow as a turtle" Thank you for loving me even though I look like a turtle" "Thank you for dinner last night, turtle soup's my favorite!"

Nettie & Ted