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Free Art Giveaway! (Safety Nerd)

Just leave a comment and I will put your name in the hat for this 5"x7" Safety Nerd painting!  Ends 8:57 a.m. (whatever timezone I'm in) Friday, February 26th!

No, the "S" doesn't stand for skater, it's for safety!  The radical lightning helmet and first aid kit are for "just in case" and the books, well, just your typical safety nerd reading, Laws and City Ordinances, and Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide.  You've heard the saying, "Better safe than sorry" well Safety Nerd has his own saying, "Better safe than live a carefree normal life"  (Oh and notice the no shoe laces.)

Of course all of my paintings are inspired by something or someone. This is our 9 year old safety nerd, Luke. No, he doesn't wear a helmet around the house, but he is certainly a rule follower. He wont play baseball not only because you are swinging a huge piece of wood but because you could get splinters and he certainly has no interest in learning how to ride a bicycle.