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Little Hmong Girl

The Hmong people (pronounced mong rhymes with long) fought with the U.S. in the Vietnam War, so when the war was over, Laos considered them traitors.  The U.S. offered them citizenship and protection.  For two years (1994 to 1996) Mr. Vincent lived in and around Saint Paul, Minnesota as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He learned how to speak Hmong, taught people about God, served in the hospital, and also did a lot of translating for the older generation.

The other day a lot of Mr. Vincent's memories resurfaced after watching Gran Torino.  Sadly a lot of people in Saint Paul don't want the Hmong there and don't understand why they don't learn to speak English.  The older Hmong generation is very dependent on their children to help them communicate and the children are stuck somewhere in the middle culturally and feel that they don't really belong anywhere.

I am so grateful that Mr. Vincent chose to spend two years there.  I know that he learned so much and became a better person from being with the Hmong people.

I know, what does this have to do with anything?  The ACEO of Irene made me think about "traditional costumes."

I love this picture of the cute girls in costume!

I love the aprons and the fringe.

Little Hmong Girl 5"x7"

This was fun to paint although I am not sure if, culturally, a certain hat goes with a certain kind of apron, or colors, etc.