One thing about me is that I love doing laundry.  I'm terrible at folding and I don't believe in ironing, but I love throwing dirty clothes and soap in the washer and having them come out clean.

Ever since we moved into our green house I've been begging Mr. Vincent to put up a clothesline.  Last night he put it up because he loves me so much (or because he got very annoyed) and it is glorious!  It's going to save us a bundle on our electric bill, but most importantly, it is so much fun.  Oh yeah, the environment too sure sure.

It would be much more glamorous if I had lacy slips and floral dresses hanging up, but alas, size ten skull and crossbones jammies is what we hang up here.

As soon as I can think of a way to convince myself that fancy clothes pins are practical and worth buying, I'm getting some!