Water Tension Magic

Both Luke and Isabel started a new lesson in their math today and got two worksheets each finished. We read our BOM story and practiced our Articles of Faith. We use our primary songs CD. It has all of the Articles of Faith songs on it and music always helps when trying to memorize. They are up to number four now. We then did a water tension science experiment. We had a bowl of water, Isabel shook pepper in it. The pepper floats. We talked about how some bugs can stand on water because of the water tension. I then had Luke squeeze a drop of liquid dish soap in the middle. The pepper quickly moves away from the middle where the soap dropped and to the sides of the bowl. As a jaded overstimulated adult, I just thought, lame. It was so fun to see Luke's reaction. He thought it was so neat and laughed, "WHOA!" when all of the pepper moved. He then just sat and watched (or should I scientifically say, observed) the pepper, water, soap bowl for a while afterward. I guess the reason why it does that is because the soap breaks the water tension. I read and explained it to Luke and Isabel, but I don't think I get it yet. All science is just magic to me.

Isabel then worked in her writing book while Luke read his new book from the library, Golden and Grey by Louise Arnold while I made some quesedillas for the pot luck lunch at the park. For all of you in cold weather now, be very jealous, it was great, kind of hot even. We brought Luke's friend Aden, who is on track break, home from the park with us. So of course on the drive home, I had to cruise by the elementary school so that we could taunt out the window, "WE'RE NOT IN SCHOOL!" Unfortunately for us, at that moment all of the kids at the school were out on the field flying kites, playing games and having a grand time. But of course we decided we are having much more fun than they are.