Valentine Story Game

Before you read my story that I wrote (look out J.K. Rowling) here is the game.  The kids sit in a circle (I will have eighteen home schoolers over here Friday...yikes.)  In front of each child have one little prize, I am using new Valentine pencils, candy bars, little candy heart boxes and such.  The rules of the game are that when they hear the word love (or loved, loves, etc.) everyone passes their prize to the left, when ever they hear the words (didn't like, doesn't like, etc.) they pass to the right.  At the end of the story whatever they end up with is theirs. Once upon a time twin boys were born to a loving mother and father.  Although the twins, Mark and David, looked exactly the same, they were very different.  Mark loved to play basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball.  David didn't like throwing a ball into a hoop, he didn't like kicking a ball, he didn't like hitting a ball with a racket, he didn't even like hitting a ball with his hands.  It may sound as though David didn't like very much, but he did love to catch bugs.  He didn't care if it was a butterfly, spider or a bumblebee, he loved all kinds of bugs.  He didn't like anyone to ever hurt or squish them.  Although Mark and David had very different interests, in some ways they were also very much the same.  They both didn't like to be told what to do, they didn't like pizza, and they didn't like bedtime.  They both loved to play checkers together and they especially loved getting into mischief (which their mom didn't like.) But the best thing that they had in common was that they loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved each other.