Two Half Days

Yesterday was supposed to be a school day and today was supposed to be a day off.  Yesterday morning I had a doctor's appointment and then a couple of my friends and their kids invited us to go to lunch to which I caved.  (Well, it's not really my fault, my unborn child wanted some sweet onion spicy enchiladas and I would have been a bad mom if I told her no...right?!) By the time we got home it was afternoon.  I told Luke and Isabel to pick half of the things on their list to do today and that the next morning we would finish up the rest.  All went well with that plan (at least this time around) and this morning they finished up before 10:30 so that Isabel and Sylvia could go play at their friend's house and Luke could play Roller Coaster Tycoon while I took a nap.  (Once again, my unborn child's fault.)