Trail Dust Town

We didn't have any plans for the weekend and ended up having so much fun.

Saturday morning we visited a farmer's/artist's market where we bought tomatoes, mangos, bread and fudge!

After pizza for lunch and swimming, we went to Trail Dust Town!


We didn't bring enough cash and my kids felt so bad for me that I didn't get to go on the train (to be honest, I was completely fine with it.)


She grew hair!

peek a boo!

The girls were very excited to be in a gazebo.


When Hazel wants to be held, she says, "Shuh Shuh!"

Wild West Show.

Lots of fake punches and groin kicks!

If you wear a tie to the Pinnacle Peak Restaurant,  it will get cut off!

Hazel LOVED her food.  White bread, beans and corn!

Our server's "name" was Cat Ballou!

Since we didn't bring enough cash, Sylvia didn't get to go on the carousel.  We need to go back again!