This is More Like It!


Do you think she's just a little bit happy?




Credit for this large snowman must be given to the boys...sorry girls.  Although the girls had fun moving his carrot nose around on his body.


I know these sure are a lot of pictures, but it doesn't snow here very often so I am too excited to choose between photos.  Today was a great day!  I read to them about the symbols of Christmas while they made Christmas books.  They also painted some wooden gingerbread men which relieved my guilt since Sylvia has been asking me if she can paint for a few days now and my response has always been, "later."  By the time they got finished with school it started to snow. Then by the time they were finished with lunch, there was snow on the ground to play with.  A couple of my friends came over with their kids and while us moms had hot chocolate inside, the kids either played outside making snowmen and having snowball fights, or else played toys inside.

LUKE'S WORKBOOK A few days ago while I was getting their school lists written, I found on a page in the back of Luke's workbook with some very angry pencil writing: "This book is a dumb, horrific, weird, crazy, stupid, big bad, bunch of bad, bumm, rubbish, which nobody should have ever, ever, written in all history of the universe.  You should never ever listen to anything inside this bad and horrible book.  It can kill you." Have I mentioned Luke is our emo kid?

SUPER LUKE UPDATE Luke has been dictating a supposed never ending story to me.  Check it out on the Super Luke page.  Very creative (and random) writing.

ISABEL'S READING At the library on Saturday I picked up a couple of American Girl books for me to read to Isabel.  We are now reading Meet Kaya.