My parents came and visited for Thanksgiving.  During their stay they took Luke, Isabel and Sylvia out individually to do whatever they chose.  Sylvia decided breakfast at McDonald's would be fun.

Then a trip to "the store with the colorful letters!"

Grandma trying to find a toy that would be hands on for my hands on Sylvia.  They eventually got her a tool set and she loves it.

Sylvia in her "sheep costume" that G&G got for her from Costco.

I am a little afraid that Isabel just loves the mall.

escalator rides.

Going to stores that I am sure grandpa LOVED going to.

Luke chose the biosphere.

Sadly, right after they bought the tickets and went into the first room, Luke slumped down sick and they had to take him home.  Luckily, just one good puking and he was fine.  He then chose to play Monopoly with G&G and they had a good time.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them playing.

Here we are going for a little hike on Thanksgiving morning.  The weather was/is fabulous!  Having seasons is so overrated.

Sylvia and grandpa

I remember being up there when I was her age!

Yes, Hazel is still around.