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Unity Wreath

Thank you ladonnamobile. You inspired me! I was going to put up a picture of Luke and Isabel's new morning charts, but as I am always reminding everyone, I am no perfectionist so check out ladonnamobile's. Luke and Isabel's morning list is as follows:

1. Pray

2. Brush Teeth

3. Shower (on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

4. Hang up towel

5. Clothes in hamper

6. Get dressed

7. Comb hair

8. Breakfast

Isabel loves having a morning chart and followed it to a tee. It really helped get Luke moving this morning (my slow poke space cadet) but after he thought he was finished I noticed number 4 and 5 weren't done.

In going along with Martin Luther King Jr., we made a Unity Wreath today. Very cute and fun. DSC06970

We used to have a "Pot of Gold" that my mother gave us, but it got ruined. It was a black cauldron like pot made out of paper with popsicle sticks inside that had the beginning of a story on it. Example, Once upon a time, there was a magic paint brush.... then you finish the story. the other day Isabel wanted to make up stories from the "Pot of Gold" so I made a new one. It's really a fun idea and my kids love finishing the stories. Here is a picture of mine just for an example. Once again, no perfectionist here. DSC06971