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Tucson Wild Life Museum

Last week we visited The Wild Life Museum. When I heard that it was taxidermy, I thought, meh. But we loved it. I was impressed with the fact that we could touch a lot of things. dead things, fur, horns, and antlers. Also, it was very educational. The first room was a collection of pinned insects (you know Luke loved that)! I loved learning the history and different taxidermy techniques. They had fun guessing what egg went to which bird, what fur was from what animal, and of course the best, what poo went with what animal. They also got to walk underneath a giraffe. We bought an annual pass for the hot days of summer when we need somewhere to go that is inside.

The only pictures I got were on the outside. I didn't know if I was allowed to take pictures inside and I was too lazy to find out. I gave them pennies to throw into the fountain and wise Luke said that he made a very small wish "because if you wish for something too great it could backfire on you." A few entertaining Sylvia moments. We were in a store and she picked up a toy cow. She turned it over, looked at the udder and said, "oh! this is a BOY cow!" Another cow quote from Sylvia, "Mom, after I'm done drinking my chocolate milk, can we go find a cow and milk it?"