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Another Day

Lately Luke and Isabel have been learning about World War 2. Well, mostly about the Nazis and Jews in Europe during WWII. I really can't remember how it came up but one day I taught them the basics, Nazis, Jews, concentration camps, war, 1945, six million, etc. Luke was especially intrigued when I told them that the Nazis killed Jewish people in horrible ways, shooting them, starvation, making them work to death, etc. Luke started thinking of and volunteering more horrible ways to die, "drowning, getting cut in half." (can anyone say, future serial killer?) At the library this week I got the biographical book, Anne Frank by Wil Mara. These little books are great for young children. They give the basic information with a lot of great pictures without being too long. These small historic books are not written with much emotion, yet I cried while reading it to them. On a lighter note....!

It is so nice when I have some fun activity to bribe the kids with. This morning I was able to say, "Hurry finish your work and we can go to the park!"

They both worked on their math, wrote cards to cousins with June birthdays, Isabel and I went through some of our sign language flash cards and Luke drew some mazes. At the park they rode their scooters and then played in the water. Here's a picture of Sylvia going nuts as usual.