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Off to Texas....YEEEHAW!

This week we finished listening to the audio book, Ulysses Moore: Door to Time, by Pierdomenico Baccalario. My kids loved this treasure hunt type adventure book. I guess it is a series so next time at the library we will get Ulysses Moore: Long-Lost Map. Afterward I had them draw and write about their favorite part of the story. Lately Luke has been going through the Secrets of Droon series books by Tony Abbott like crazy.

Alright, I am not into this.  I have obviously been very lazy about the blog lately.  Could it be because I am just too excited about my no kids no husband trip to Texas to visit my sister?!  I should return energized and motivated on Tuesday!

To Market

This morning Sylvia "helped" me make Amish Friendship Bread while Luke wrote another Super Luke story and Isabel colored some Barbie pictures. They did their math worksheets and played hopscotch outside. Luke also created a hopscotch maze. This is all with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Isabel rode her scooter and I pushed Sylvia in her stroller. We then drove around and delivered the bread to some of my friends. This week in the afternoons I've started having one on one time with Sylvia.  I've been realizing that too many times I just want to keep her busy so that she is not in the way while Luke Isabel and I are doing school together.  I know she needs my attention and I have been thinking that maybe if she gets that from me, then she will not feel the need to act out so much....yeah right.  I read to her out of her nursery rhymes book and she loves it.  She now expects it and brings me the book shouting "NURSERY RHYMES! NURSERY RHYMES!"  Her favorite one is To Market which she has me recite over and over again.

Later today we will play the new Super Luke Kid's League board game that Luke invented last night.  A book series that Luke likes now is Cracked Classics by Tony Abbott.  I guess the idea is that these two kids go to the library and go into a book.  Luke is reading the Treasure Island book, X Marks the Spot.