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Baby Charlie's Rich Mom

025 Here are some of my personal favorite mnemonic stories that my kids made up to remember the states and capitols...

Virginia is a rich mom (Richmond) and she is holding her little baby (West Virginia) that she named Charlie (Charleston.)

My kids have two grandma Carols so this one was fun.  North Carolina and South Carolina are together making a sideways heart (kind of) because they love their grandchildren.  North Carolina is married to Grandpa Lee so she yells, "RAH LEE!" (Raleigh.)  South Carolina used to be a teacher at the college and she would teach about Columbus (Columbia.)

Not to be confused with Columbus, Ohio.  On that one, Columbus said "Oh, hi, oh!"

Also, Shy Anne was wondering why.  (Cheyenne, Wyoming.)

We like to imagine that Topeka is a little Pokemon spinning around in a tornado in Kansas (Topeka, Kansas.)

Imagining Indiana Jones in Superman's city gives you Indianapolis, Indiana.

And sometimes you just feel so ill and annoyed in the spring (Springfield, Illinois)

Okay okay, last one, someone playing the organ on a sailboat gives you Salem, Oregon.

I know that it probably sounds very confusing to you, but the key is that they made these stories up themselves so they makes sense to Luke and Isabel and they will forever remember them.  (Above is some strange creation Luke made today with left over plastic Easter eggs.)