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Sequoia National Park and San Francisco Trip

The Sequoia trees are the largest in mass.  Some of them are 3,000 years old.027The cabin we stayed in. 116General Grant tree (or was it General Sherman?? Col. Mustard?) 104Playing Uno 106Jelly Belly Factory tour. 163Sleepy girls. 171Alcatraz 215Alcatraz school. 209Nothing better than a soup bread bowl. 237Lombard Street. 245Enjoying Lombard Street 248The VINVAN at the Golden Gate Bridge 251 261 263 267Bad Badtz Maru 270Gay Pride Bad Badtz 280 282Halloween crafts at the Ramazetti's. 295Making Cookies 303 310 312I want these guys in a wall in my house. 384 402Joey and Sylvia relieving themselves on Interstate One. 433 435Flashing my gang sign. 455 460 473 475Solvang 490 505 508