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I took the kids up for a day to Saint George, Utah to see grandma and grandpa Vincent and to go the musical Annie at Tuacahn. When Sylvia found out that Joey couldn't come because he had to work, she thought it was fun to point at his face and say, "you can't come, HA HA."011

We spent a couple hours at town square.


There are bronze statues up around the city.  After a year they take them down, sell them and put up new statues.




Going to Tuacahn.



It is a beautiful outdoor theater.  It was so much fun being under the stars a little later when in got dark.  My favorite thing about the desert is being outside at night and sweating...(that was serious.  No sarcasm there.)


Uncle Stephen wins the title as best uncle.  And that is saying a lot because their other uncles are pretty wonderful.


Does Sylvia have normal facial expressions.  Answer: No, no she doesn't.



Grandpa Vincent.


Random stuff we've been doing.

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Playing in the water in Saint George, UT

california 072

Me giving my snotty look.  (My back hurt!)

california 076

This is "Fast Horn" the caterpillar with Luke's reflection.  Poor Fast Horn was trained to tightrope walk and was eventually loved to death.

california 099

Luke and Joey went for a hike together.  They found a desert plant they liked and replanted it into our backyard.

california 101

Sylvia's favorite thing at the Lied Children's Museum was to dress up and dance on stage.

california 108

california 114

Isabel loved being a checker...

california 001

And a singer.

california 020

Luke loved being in a video game via green screen.

california 010

He's the little character on the left.

Dinosaur Tracks

DSC07143 We visited Joey's family in Saint George, Utah. The city of Saint George is in a very dry desert with red rocks, black volcanic rocks and sand dunes. On Saturday at the museum we learned that approximately 195 million years ago it was a lush area with a large lake.

The museum is located on the discover site of hundreds of dinosaur tracks, swim tracks, tail tracks, fish fossils, etc. They are still in the process of building the museum, but half of it is opened and was fun and interesting. It will be fun to go back again when it is completed. Their dinotrax website has great pictures and information.