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Three Very Dangerous Things (to a Safety Nerd)

Here are three "very dangerous" things that I bet you never thought of.  It's a good thing Safety Nerd has. 1.  Cars are very dangerous because they only show a little warning light on the dashboard for when the driver's seat belt is not on.  There are no warning lights for ALL of the seat belts in the car.

2.  Construction is a very dangerous career because you could get stuck in cement.

3.  Baseball is a very dangerous sport because you are swinging a big piece of wood AND you could get splinters.

Safety Nerd

We had green eggs and green milk for breakfast, which I thought was kind of fun, but Safety Nerd said he wasn't going to eat it because it had food dye in it. I tried to convince him that it wasn't green from food dye, it was green from SAINT PATRICK'S DAY MAGIC!!! No go. Safety Nerd is a nickname that Joey and I gave to Luke a while ago. We only use that nickname behind his back mind you, oh, is that even worse? I guess it's no secret, we are bad parents. I think it started when he was two and we tried to explain to him that we were only driving literally three houses down the street and that he could ride with out being buckled (more bad parenting proof.) He had a fit and panic attack until we buckled him.

We then played a hide the shamrocks game. Luke had some green paper cut out shamrocks he had received in the mail from his great grandmother and we took turns hiding them around the kitchen and finding them. I then tried to have Luke and Isabel write a story and see how many times they could use the word green. There was a team work problem there (too silly for me to even type) and so I said forget it, let's just do our math and journals.

We then took a Costco berry smoothie to a friend of mine that is pregnant with twins and is on bed rest in the hospital.  Actually I had only met her once, but we go to the same church and I had heard that she was in the hospital.  It was really nice getting to know her better today, so now we are friends.  (More Safety Nerd Evidence: Luke told me that we couldn't give that berry smoothie to my friend because it has too much sugar in it and pregnant women shouldn't have too much sugar. I just told him that there is a lot of fruit in there too.)

This afternoon us girls read books in my bed while Luke practiced piano.  We then all made some more drawings and pictures to add to our book for Sylvia.