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I'm the Hot Nanny.

This morning we learned about the small and large intestines. They colored and cut out the paper intestines and glued them to their paper bodies. Luke wrote in his Take Five Journal while Isabel practiced her writing cards. They then completed two math worksheets each and we headed off for Costco. While we were eating in the oh so posh Costco Cafe, at least three or four people came up to me and made a comment about how well behaved my kids are. When someone says that to me, I don't really like saying thank you because I don't take it as a compliment to me although I think they mean it that way. I had nothing to do with them being well behaved. I was then playing pat-a-cake with Sylvia (just to keep her from running around like a crazy) and a nice woman did give me a compliment by telling me I was good with the children AND (get this) asked me if I was related to them. HAHAHAHA. I told her I am the mom and she said I look like I am eighteen. I always pretend that that is a compliment, but eighteen year olds don't get any respect. I should have just told her I was the nanny.

After we got home a neighbor was washing her car in the driveway, so Luke LOVED making dams in the gutter. Isabel rode her scooter and later they watched Wildlife Man on T.V. Oh, remember how Luke got a load of books from the library about mummies? Well, I stole those from him (sharing, borrowing, whatever) and have been reading them like crazy....fascinating!