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Line Man World 3

Linemanworld3 Line Man is a video game style maze that Luke draws for me to do. If you look closely you can see that there are ten levels. The object of the game is to draw a line through each level without touching a dot, spike, swirl, etc. Also, there are little extras like if you get a star then you are invincible for ten seconds (imagine Luke over my shoulder counting to ten.) I know you are dying to play. I really need to sharpen my pencil for this one.

Last night Luke had his piano recital. Here is the future Mozart.


Draw a Rhyme

Isabel had her reading, writing and Math all finished before Luke and I were even dressed yet this morning. Once we were ready, I was busy with something so they drew mazes for me. Luke got very creative and drew spikes in his maze that I had to avoid, and stars for me to get and be invincible for 10 seconds. Sylvia worked in her "comic book" really just her coloring book. I had Isabel do some "Draw a Rhyme Stories" from a Phonemic Awareness book that I found at the library. Luke thought it was great so he joined us, even though I think it is more her level. They have a rhyming story that the children are supposed to verbally fill in the blank and then draw what it is. For example, one started off, "When you draw a monster, it is said, you always begin with his ___________." answer: HEAD! Then eyes, nose, etc.  Once Luke finished up his math and journal, I sent him off to his friend, Aden's house and Aden's sister, Morgan is over here playing with Isabel.