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Bellybuttons Worship Cellphones

I bought this game at Target last week and tried it out yesterday.  My kids loved it.  Such a good school game.  We played for a long time and Luke wondered when we were going to "do some school."  It was nice to be able to tell him that Mad Libs is school.  Luke loved his sentences that he made up so much that he wrote them all down.  Bellybuttons Worship Cellphones was one of our favorite three word sentences.  They learned very quickly that it is pretty much impossible to make a sentence if you are all out of nouns.

Our Artificial Stomachs

Today we each got a stomach (plastic sandwich bag) put some acid and juices in them (water with green food coloring.) We then chewed up a saltine cracker (smashed it in our hands) and swallowed (jammed it down a funnel.) Sometimes we had to make sure we had enough saliva (water) to get the crackers down our throats (the dry crumbles of crackers would get stuck in the funnel.) We then used our hands to help our stomachs churn the bolus (chunks of food) into chyme (mashed up food and stomach juices.) Afterward they colored a paper stomach and glued it onto their paper bodies. DSC07092

Isabel wanted to "throw up" in the sink, but I was not in the mood to be that much fun.


Luke and I did some Mad Libs together while Isabel practiced writing the letter "G." They then did their math worksheets and now Isabel and I are having reading time. We will watch the movie Planet Earth later this afternoon.