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Today we learned about the lungs. DSC07185

Here is Luke's body.  I love it how his bladder is falling out the crotch.  Isabel's is pretty funny too since she used girly decorative scissors to cut out her lungs.  Sylvia has only one of her lungs for some reason and she drew a happy face on it.   As you can see we still have some more main body parts to go but we are getting there.

Today Luke finished his Super Bouncy Ball Two and is already planning a third Bouncy Ball story.  Who knew a bouncy ball could have so many adventures.  Isabel takes forever to do her math, the sole reason being she insists on drawing each number in a pretty bubbly way.  I still need to do more reading with both of them today.  Maybe Joey will be up to it.  Does anyone have any suggestions on books for boys?  I have trouble keeping Luke supplied with books to read.  He is too fast.  He likes fantasy or adventure.  Let me know.