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Red Rock Canyon

So I guess we are taking this week off from school. I wasn't planning to, but decided it would be a good time for me to get things reorganized (which by the way I haven't done yet.) Yesterday we had a great unexpected field trip. We went with our friends, Tara, Stephanie and her three children, to Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful site with colorful desert mountains, desert plants, trails etc. At the visitor's center the kids got booklets with different activities for them to do depending on age. For example, on one worksheet the girls had to find and draw a picture of four different types of cactus. They needed to complete four pages in order to become Junior Rangers.

After all of their hard work, they got a certificate, Junior Ranger badge, and raised their right hands and were sworn in. They were so proud and excited to help protect National Parks.

Our camera that we've had for four years (I guess that is a pretty good run) is dead, so here are pictures on Stephanie's blog of our day.