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Another Children's Martin Luther King Jr. Book

On Friday we finished our book for Sylvia. Luke and Isabel (alright, I must admit, I was coloring in coloring books too) cut out pictures that they drew or colored, glued them onto construction paper, put them in sheet protectors and in a 1/2 inch notebook. When Sylvia woke up, Luke and Isabel showed her her new book. She loves it. This morning Sylvia had a doctor's appointment. Last night I had gotten Luke and Isabel's "away from home" folders loaded up with their Math worksheets, spelling, a Bob book for Isabel and an article about Pluto being technically not a planet anymore. During the appointment, they both got their math and spelling done and Luke read half of the article and highlighted words he doesn't know the definition of.

When we got home, I read Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream by Jacqueline A. Ball. This book was great. I love the illustrations in the other MLK children's books we have read, but something different about this one, actual photos. Also, this book references for the "I Have a Dream" speech in its entirety. On Monday, January 21st (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) at 10:00 am there is going to be an MLK parade downtown. We will be there!