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Body Science Project

This morning we made Valentine's! None of the Batman or Strawberry Shortcake store bought Valentines for us. We cut out hearts, used stickers, glitter, and made them the old school way. I did however print and cut out these cutie Valentine girls from The Black Apple to make my Valentines. I then traced Luke, Isabel and Sylvia on butcher paper and cut them out.  Actually Isabel cut hers out all by herself (so much for "not being that good at cutting.")  I then explained that over the next few weeks we are going to be doing a science project about our bodies.  As an example, after we learn about the heart they will color and cut out a heart and glue it to their paper bodies that are up on the wall.

After lunch we played outside for a long time.  It is great weather here now!  Luke then did his math.  He is on a new lesson: subtracting using regrouping.