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Don't Eat Pete...Eat a Root

When Luke (my seven year old) was about two, my mother gave us a board book that came with a little tin of Cheerios called, Don't Eat Pete. Each page has pictures of 9 to 16 different faces on it. Faces made out of clay, animal faces, etc. You pick a page, place one Cheerio on each face and have one person leave the room or cover their ears. Then you pick which face will be "Pete." After that person comes back in the room, they slowly eat the Cheerios one by one. Right when he/she is about to put the "Pete" Cheerio in their mouth, everyone else yells, "DON'T EAT PETE!" It sounds like a very simple stupid game, but kids love it! This morning Luke, Isabel and I taught Sylvia how to play. She caught on and was delighted whenever we would shout "DON'T EAT PETE!" at her. The company who made the book is called Klutz and I went to to try to find this book but I guess it is not in print anymore. However, I did find this site that has the Don't Eat Pete game but with M&M's and a printable game board. We will have to play with M&M's next time...yum.

From the February 2008 edition of Friend magazine I had Luke and Isabel make these cute hearts and write or draw what they love. While they were busy with that I put together the one from the magazine that I used as the pattern and showed them what Heavenly Father gave us because he loves us.


Last night I went grocery shopping with root vegetables on my mind and came home with a jicama or a "Mexican Potato" or "Mexican Turnip." That is exactly what they look like too. At lunch today, I was pretty timid about cutting it, but once I found out how easy it is to peel it with a knife and then slice up, I wondered why I haven't been buying jicamas all the time! Yummy.


Isabel and I liked to say "We're eating roots!" Luke was very serious and kept correcting us, "They are root vegetables."