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Grandpa Joe, Joey & Luke Joseph

Here are photos from the annual father, son/father and son fishing trip.

From what I hear, Luke's a pretty great fisherboy.

They each caught at least two or three a day.

Luke is working on getting his fishing merit badge for Boy Scouts.  In order to do that, he had to learn how to clean and cook his fish.

While the boys were gone we had a weekend long girl party, but the only pictures I took were when we fed the pigeons.

Sylvia wanted to take one home for a pet.

choo choo

This face is why we call her "baby Joey".

The Boys

Joey took Luke and went on a fishing trip in Escalante, Utah with Grandpa Joe!  Hiking, fishing and bug catching.  They had a lot of fun.  Thank you Joe!

Joey, Granpa Joe and Luke

089 Luke Fishing. 104 Joey Fishing. 048 Grandpa Fishing. 112 In a cave. 029 Catching bugs 046 049 Praying Mantis shoulder 108 Real men aren't afraid to walk through the stream. 111 I love this pictures. 126

Camping is in tents!

We went camping up in Pine Valley with Joey's family last week.  I was very proud of us because we are not camping people and yet we stayed the whole two nights even though the first night there was a thunder storm and the second night we had a puking child.

Yooohoooo! Hazel peeking out the doggie door 033

Luke caught a snake and was very sad that we made him let it go.


Hazel's watermelon hat that Sylvia insisted was hers.


Isabel warming her feet.


Baby Hazy.


Sylvia got across the stream but couldn't get back by herself.


Joey took the kids for a hike. (By the way, I had to call him Bear Grylls for a day because I made the mistake of doubting his boy scout fire starting skills.)


The resevior where the fishing happened.


Isabel and Sylvia both caught fish.  Isabel named hers Rainbow and Sylvia named hers Diamond.  (We ate Diamond that night.)