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Mondays are Fun!

Yesterday Luke let me know that Monday is his favorite day of the week. He said that Saturdays are usually work days (sad but true) and that Monday we usually do something fun. I agree with him. Mondays are really fun! Today was no exception. This morning we made a new calendar for March, Luke read a BOM story to us, and we learned the names of some bones. From this worksheet we learned just a few of the main bones like the skull, mandible, clavicle, sternum, ribs, pelvic girdle and the femur. I then had Luke doing a reading comprehension graphic organizer worksheet while Isabel read to me. At snack time I read them three books. Luke then played a 2nd grade CD ROM game while Isabel read some more.

My friend Shellie called and wanted to know if I would like to come with her to the gym with her free guest pass. At this gym they have a huge playroom for the kids. Video games, jump houses, tubes and slides, EVERYTHING. Luke Isabel and Sylvia had so much fun while I learned how out of shape I am. Actually I had a really good time and loved the sauna at the end. We then ate some Sam's Club food (gotta cancel out that exercising) while Shellie handed dollar bills out to people and said to them, "See how lucky you are?!" (don't even ask.) It was great, Shellie is a fun friend.

Tonight we are having our friends Lanece and Tyler over for Family Home Evening. I need to get cooking and cleaning and think up something for a little lesson.