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Since today was a good day, I am not too embarrassed to share the email exchange...although I still sound like a child. Me:  "School has been going well today."

Joey:  "Oh good. What are you guys doing today?"

Me:  "So of course first of all we had to get some munchkins.  Then to the gas station to fuel up and get the car washed (the kids LOVE that.)  When we got back we did EVERYTHING but tonight they both need to do math and then tomorrow I am just going to have them do this measurement thing together (cup, pint, quart, etc.) before 10am ... Also, Luke AND Isabel did some cub scout stuff.  I helped him make a two week chart for the whole brush teeth drink water (personal hygeine blah blah blah) AND he hammered it up in his room with a hammer and nail (checked him off on that one) AND Luke and Isabel learned the four ways to not spread a cold (another check off.)"

Luke and Isabel were very involved and excited about school today.  Probably because I was more involved and excited as well and worked with them more (or maybe I should give credit to the munchkins.)  Speaking of, here is the rest of our email exchange.  It is all about my new pregnancy love for Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.  To those of you who don't speak Dunkin Donuts, Munchkins = Donut holes.

Joey:  "Cool. How were the munchkins?"

Me:  "Well, I was very naive and didn't realize that they would have another other kind except for the awesome chocolate cake munchkins....(why bother having any other kind, right?)  But it was an assortment with only TWO choc cake ones.  The kids loved the variety though.  They thought the jelly filled and powdered ones were cool.  Also, I asked if they are open 24 hours and she said they were when they first opened but not enough people come but that later on when they think it will be busier they will have it open 24 hours again."