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As Joey would say, I was "nesting" today. With every pregnancy I am convinced that after the baby comes I will never be able to organize again. I started organizing my closet, then decided to make room in the closet downstairs for a few things I didn't want to be in my closet and then somehow that got me organizing the school bookshelf. Luckily everything got organized and cleaned up except for my closet which was what I started working on in the first place. As you can tell I am not very organized about organizing. During all of this I was able to throw a few things at the kids for them to do. They created a large Don't Eat Pete game on poster board creating their own drawings in each square. Isabel watched a show about and practiced cursive. Luke worked on a new Xtreme Boy book and finished a couple of Math worksheets. They then played Go Fish together.

It was a productive day although I ruined it by yelling at them for not helping me out after I asked them to take their things upstairs. In my defense, I already feel so huge and by the end of the day the last thing I want to do is to go up those stairs one more time.

This weekend poor Joey is roped into helping me work on my nesting (I mean organizing) list that I've made. He will soon regret his new, only forty hours a week, job and beg to go back to working overtime instead of at home with me.