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Summer Break...but not really.

Over the weekend my kids had so much fun playing with the Shumway boys for two nights in a row.002

Last week Luke asked me if they could have a break since some of their friends are off for summer break.  So I sat down and tried to figure out what a break from school was to them.  I asked if I could still read to them at night; they said yes.  I asked if we could still do things like go to the Springs Preserve; they said yes.  The next day Isabel was doing a word search and Luke was creating a "Space Wars" board game.  I told them to stop doing school because they are on "summer break."  They explained to me that they can do school while on break if they want to.  Over the weekend I bought a few things from a yard sale and brought it all home in a big box.  We then found another box.  All morning Luke, Isabel and Sylvia colored those boxes, punched out holes to make stars, cut out a trap door and taped.  Then Isabel made this set for their stage in Luke's room.