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Archery Lessons!

For Joey's birthday, I planned a surprise for him.  After a lot of guessing and dreading on his part, I told him that he was scheduled to get a massage, then out for some hang gliding followed by an interpretive dance class.  (all things he would hate.)  He was relieved and excited when we pulled into the PSE archery facility!

We had a private archery lesson!



While we were there we found out about archery classes for kids.  Only $7 per hour and a half lesson and that includes the equipment rental.  With a deal like that, Luke and Isabel will be learning how to shoot some arrows on Wednesday night whether they like it or not!

Blog Class at Sabrina School!

This year we are encouraging Luke and Isabel to write in their blogs.  Typing on the computer is so much more fun than writing in composition books.  Isabel mostly puts up very random pictures, but the little things that she has written are great!  Here are their blogs... Luke's blog The Super Luke

Isabel's blog (Isabel's middle name is Ruby) The Red Ruby