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Family Vacation Plans

Last week we voted for what family vacation or trip we should go on.  I thought I had a great idea, a family cruise!!!  But alas, Knott's Berry Farm and going to Anderson Dairy won.  I guess kids are more interested in going on rides and looking at cows than they are relaxing and eating.  One day I'll get to go on a cruise...(hint hint hint Joey!) Joey had the brilliant idea of making Luke, Isabel and Sylvia work for it.  I put together this chart of eighty squares that they get to put a sticker in whenever they complete something from the list.  Cleaning their rooms isn't on there because that is something they have to do anyway.  I should have made it two-hundred squares since they are already filling in like crazy.  People say bribing is bad, but I love it.  It's so win win.  Last night Sylvia put the dirty clothes in the wash (even though she had to stop and let me know "this is my dress!" and "here's daddy's underwear!") so it took a while.  Today I was reading to Isabel while she sorted the clean laundry for me.  Luke ran around the block four times (get that pale kid out in the fresh air.)


Over the weekend Joey and I painted our room blue.  "Well water" blue to be exact.  I copied Emily Martin on this one...thanks Emily!  Here is just a snipit of the room since we are not done with it yet.  Also, thanks to my sister-in-law for the cute artsy candles!