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No Baby but a Better Attitude

I was so tired of sitting around waiting because of what if, so we went out last night to the Bellagio to walk around their amazing garden that changes every few months. Here are a few pictures. They also had huge pumpkins on the ground, a beautiful water mill and gigantic glass leaves hanging from the ceiling. Isabel liked the idea that we shrunk into fairies when we were there. 134


These venus fly traps would open and shut.


His eyes and eyebrows moved.


Human sized handmade insect/folklore creatures.


I mostly have a better attitude because this morning my doctor said I was dialated to a four and fifty percent effaced (for those of you who speak pregnancy.)  For those of you who don't, don't worry about it because ultimately it doesn't mean anything but for all my pregnancies I have so wished that it did mean something.  My doctor tried to persuade me to come in tomorrow morning and be induced but I will hold off until Monday morning....(because I am a masocist.)