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My Little Cub Scouty Bear

The last requirement Luke had to pass off to get his Wolf badge for Cub Scouts was to read about three people who did something to protect our world.  We read about the six winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize.  Last night at the Cub Scout pack meeting, Luke got his "Wolf."  Here is a picture of Luke and some fellow cub scouters doing some cub scouty game. 029

Now that he is a "Bear" he has a new Bear book of course, and a Bear cap and kerchief.  Right when we got in the car to go home he was so excited to get out his new stuff and said, "Mom!  I could also just wear this hat...just like, to the park and stuff!"  I wholeheartedly said, "YEAH!"  (that kind of cute nerdliness must be encouraged.)