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Movie Day

Today is Tuesday, so no school.  We went to the free 10 am kids movie at the theater with a couple of our friends.  The movie was Arctic Tale.  Afterward, since I was out of the theater at the end (thanks Sylvia) Isabel let me know that all of the animals started their own families.  I commented that that was a happy ending!  She then said, "No it wasn't!"  My response, "Huh?"  Then Isabel, "The baby brother died!" and she burst into tears and I had to hug and console Isabel for a few minutes while Sylvia got herself lost again.  One of the baby polar bears had died earlier in the show.  I didn't really expect this reaction from her since Luke is usually the super sensitive one. Quote of the day:

"If Sylvia was in a video game it would be rated "M" for mature."  --Luke