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My Little Cub Scouter

Now that Luke is eight, he has started going to cub scouts.  I had two brothers who went through it all, but I guess I didn't pay much attention because it is all new and strange to me.  Luke LOVES it.  His leaders do really cool stuff like making rockets out of 2 liter bottles that they shoot off and they once played waterballoon human battleship.  We got him his cute little cub scout shirt and booklet.  In order for him to get his Bobcat Patch at the next den meeting, today I helped him pass off eight requirements.  It went pretty quick since it was mostly learning and memorizing the cub scout promise, motto, salute, handshake, sign and I can't even remember what else.  Seriously, I mostly like cub scouts.  It's a great opportunity for Luke to play and work with other boys, have other great men to look up to and they teach honesty, teamwork and other good values.  They sure push that patriotism though dont' they?  I keep my mouth shut.   

I also spent some time reading Among the Dolls to Isabel and pushing Sylvia on the swings at the park.  I feel like such a good mom when I have spent a little time doing something with each of my children that they enjoy.