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How to Make a Robot

Last night my sister Natalie and her famous artist husband, Justin Clayton stayed over. This morning while we were doing our math, spelling, and writing, Justin was in the next room painting "Peppermint no. 2" It was fun for the kids to peek in and see his progress. After getting the basics out of the way first thing, and having a snack break outside, we made robots!!! So here's how to make an awesome robot...

What you need: empty toilet paper roll, aluminum foil, scraps of colored paper, glue, pens, markers and pipe cleaner.

1. Wrap toilet paper roll in aluminum foil, tucking in the ends.

2. Use scraps of colored paper, glue and markers to decorate with buttons, control panels, robot face, etc.

3. Use pipe cleaner for antennae, arms, etc,

And that's how to make a robot!


Today we also watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy about Storms, wrote letters to grandma Kay, and I read Halloween books to Isabel and Sylvia while Luke read his book, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl.