Stonehenge in our Backyard

Sunday, Joey and Luke went for a walk and came back with great sights to tell about.  Today we went out with Luke as our guide to find this supposed "Rock Maze" behind our house.  Sure enough...

Mini Stonehenge....ish?

Today I gave Luke our old camera for him to use to help him start a blog about entomology (or maybe just about nature).  I told him that I thought that a picture of this rusty can would make a really neat picture.  He turned up his nose at it since it is so man made, so I said, "Fine, I'll put it up on my blog."  So now here is a pointless picture of an old can.  Enjoy.

Don't worry, I kept a hat on her most of the time and she only got a few scratches on her face from tree branches.  She loved it!  (Don't miss Luke in the background.)

dropping rocks down into the sewer.