Star Fight 2

Today Luke and Isabel were very self motivated.  I didn't ever have to suggest things for them to do.  They both asked me if they could do their math first thing, which was strange.  Although they are both great at math, it isn't their favorite.  Maybe they just wanted to get their math out of the way which is fine with me. Luke worked on painting his dinosaur bones that he casted with cement the other day, he made up some hieroglyphics, added some islands to his island map and worked on his new board game "Star Fight 2."  So I am a little overwhelmed at the idea of playing Star Fight 2 with him since Star Fight 1 was such a....a....(let's just say fabulous) game.  I really am so impressed with his creativity and inventiveness, but in my opinion, there was more of him explaining and talking about the game than there was of actually playing the game.  Star Fight 1 involves a lot of transforming, traveling through pipes, shooting, picking cards, and I can't remember what all else.

Isabel and Sylvia painted some watercolor pictures.  Isabel had me teach her how to write her name in cursive (or cursef as she pronounces it.)  She played Webkinz, drew a lot and had her ukulele lesson.