Sewing and Baking Field Trip to Salt Lake City!

Isabel and I went to visit my sister in Salt Lake City for the weekend. Isabel's first time in an airplane.

I paid two bucks for those peanut M&M's. Yeah, we were living the high life.

I love it how on an airplane, most of the passengers are so bored and tired of flying, but you'll always find a couple of dorks like us, taking pictures and oooing and aweing at the sunset.

Natalie spent a lot of time teaching Isabel how to sew, by hand and with the machine. Here are a few of the projects Isabel accomplished!

An "Isabel" banner.

Bean bags, one for Luke, Isabel, Sylvia and Hazel.

Isabel loved it, and I loved meeting, holding, feeding, cuddling with my new cute baby nephew, Jack.

And here he is with his mommy.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures.

Isabel didn't mind that the snow was gross and crunchy.

They made a strawberry cake from scratch together. Notice the matching aprons. Natalie always thinks of everything, and more.

Jack, Natalie and Justin

In their PJs.