Sabrina School Pad of Paper!

In my mail yesterday I received a gift from my dear sister-in-law, Melissa. It was a pad of paper she had had made with the logo "Sabrina School" at the top. I was very excited about it and showed Luke and Isabel. Isabel said, "Mom, it's like you're about to cry tears of joy." Which, silly as it sounds, I was! Thank you Melissa, I am very touched that you thought of me and that you read my blog. I love you! notepad

This morning as we were making our new February calendar, I taught Luke and Isabel about leap year. I then explained (or really tried to explain) why we have a leap year. We played Go Fish, I have a Science movie called Planet Earth I might show them later and maybe Luke can work more on his board game he is inventing, but other than that, I am done for the day. Joey is home sick in bed and I need to get some cleaning done, so as far as I'm concerned, school's out!