Room Switch

Saturday Joey and I started the room switch by painting the master bedroom. We are moving from our huge bedroom, huge bathroom, huge closet, into the girls teeny tiny room while the three "princesses" get our room. Our room switch may sound crazy to some but perfect for us. First of all, we only had our bed in that room anyway. Then, our master closet we can still use for what we mostly use if for, storage. Last, I've always bathed the girls in my bath so that makes it more convenient for me. Point is, on Saturday we painted, then switched the beds and fell asleep, too tired to switch anything else. Every time I used the master bathroom, Isabel would say, "Mom, why are you in OUR bathroom?"  (sheesh)  All Monday I was moving our closet and bathroom things while cleaning. Feeling guilty about not doing school I had Luke, Isabel and Sylvia think of one thing they really wanted to do with me and we would do it later that afternoon.

Isabel picked a scripture... For church next Sunday Isabel gets to read a scripture so she was very excited to get that ready and practice. (phew for me since I thought I would have to be beading bracelets and necklaces with her.) I shoved in a little lesson on how to look up scriptures and about looking in the back glossary.

Luke picked an art lesson... Luke wanted me to teach him an art lesson. I gave him a lesson on shading and lighting.  I even had some of my old charcoal pencils that I let Luke play around with and smudge.  I think I did a very good job although I wish I had Justin there to teach us.

Sylvia picked a stripper... I read a book to Sylvia about a cat named Autumn.  Sylvia insisted that the cat in the book was named Stripper (our old cat's name, and no, there is no spelling error there) so we read the book, For the Love of "Stripper". by Patricia Polacco.