Reader Discretion

This morning Luke and Isabel taught Sylvia how to play follow the leader.  She loved the power of being a leader but wasn't a very vigilant follower.  Other than that, we mostly did basic school today, Journal writing, math worksheets, workbook etc.  Luke has scout camp for four hours every night until Friday this week.  I am sure he is loving it right now being with all of his friends (instead of his three younger sisters.) My "Fairly Happy" friend and I are each going to start a once a week class for our children.  I love her kids and am so excited.  This will be  fun and help me to actually plan and prepare something definite to teach each week.


Today was trash day (important fact in a minute.)  This morning we had our front door opened to let in some cool air.  Sylvia was outside in the driveway and wanted to play in Joey's car.  So I let her.  A few minutes later she came inside holding something saying, "They threw this out!"  I couldn't see what she was holding so I asked, "Who did?"  her response, "Our neighbors!"  As I came closer I could see that whatever she was holding looked like pink chapstick so of course Sylvia would wonder why anyone would throw out something beautiful and pink.  When I finally saw what it was I made Sylvia throw it away and wash her hands then and there.  It was a pink TAMPON APLICATOR!

*Tampon companies:  Please please please don't make your products pink!*