Sylvia made herself a drum set out of kitchen supplies.  The great thing about this drum set was that she used dry spaghetti noodles for the drumsticks.  Nice and quiet.

Something about Sylvia is that if she is forbidden to touch something, do something, etc. then it becomes the thing she wants most in the world.  Here is an example.  This was a cute toy that was like a bean bag with a clear cover (on the other side)  it had little buttons, plastic figures as well as filling inside.  Apparently it's been driving Sylvia mad that she can't actually hold and touch the objects.  A pair of scissors and some private time in her room and viola!...problem solved.

Here is an "Indian Girl" that Sylvia drew.  It was so cute to see her come inside with fists full of leaves and flowers ready to glue them onto paper.

Also, Here is something from Luke.  You better believe the other side of the paper is coved like this as well.  Also, he is working on a new one and has asked that I do it today.  I am not sure if it is a maze or a video game on paper but we shall see.

Isabel has been drawing some very sad pictures lately.  She is our goth girl.  Her favorite color is black.