Pregnancy Rant

I've had a lot of great things that I've wanted to blog about lately but have been too busy.  Busy doing what you ask?  Busy waiting.  I know I totally set myself up for this one.  Since my first child came four days early, next one eight days early and the next two weeks, I was convinced that this one would fall out at least three weeks early.  Tomorrow is my due date.  Yeah, she's in big trouble. I am sure that this baby will never get here and I can tell that my kids are really confused about it.  Even though I've explained that the due date is general blah blah, this morning Luke happily informed me that she will be here tomorrow.  AND Sylvia keeps saying, "Baby Hazel will be here after later."  Also, people keep calling asking how I am feeling (How are you feeling = Have you had that baby yet?)  Also, when I call someone they act irritated that I called for any other reason than to tell them I had the baby.

It is also frustrating not having any energy yet not being able to sleep.  Also my fat hamburger helper hands (and feet) are very uncomfortable.  My back hurts and at a mere 29 years old I am convinced that I am just too old to be doing this.  It's going to be strange meeting this baby because I know I am so focused and excited just about not being pregnant anymore, I am forgetting that I will be meeting a new child too!  I promise not to write anymore until I have a better attitude. (so probably after the baby is born.)