Pima Air and Space Museum

Another fun "every other Friday" where Joey doesn't have to work and we all go on a field trip.  This time we visited the Pima Air and Space Museum.  It was a lot of fun.  So much information there!

Hazel driving.

This was the most clothed picture of a woman on the airplanes.

Because I giggle at the name Bungay Buckaroo, does that make me immature?  I also loved another airplane name, Petulant Porpoise...very creative.

They had wagons there for the kids which was great.  An old man came up to us and said, "Let them walk, it's good for them!"  After that I wanted to go up to the shuttle filled with old people and say to the driver, "Let them walk, it's good for them!"  HA.

In the space place, they had a moon globe (you know, a globe of the moon) I really want one now.  They are about $55 online and my birthday is coming up in November!