Pet Store Field Trips

Today school included piano lessons for Luke and Isabel while the little girls and I visited the library, then our pet store field trip, now some read out loud time, and then some math.  We used to do pet store field trips more often, but we hadn't been in quite a while. On the drive home from the pet store I told them a joke about a boy who bought a turtle and kept having to bring the turtle back to the store to exchange him since his legs kept "falling off."  Punchline is that come to find out, the boy was playing with his turtle like a car.  "VROOM VROOOOM!"  While I was laughing at my own joke like an idiot, in the rear view mirror I saw that my kids were horrified.  There were then questions and comments like, "Why didn't he just buy a fish?"  "That joke was weird."  and Sylvia's "Mom, did that really happen?!"

Sylvia saying she wants three kitties.

Sylvia telling me that a bird peed on her.