Pay it Forward

This morning we spent some time memorizing the tenth article of faith, memorizing U.S. state capitols (they have the states down) and then some math.  I have been encouraging them to make up their own mnemonic stories to memorize.  For example:  There are little rocks in the ark (for Little Rock, Arkansas.)  A mermaid named Georgia lives in Atlantis (Atlanta, Georgia.)  They get very creative and at times I feel that the stories are a little bit too long or a little too crazy, but the crazier the better because they sure remember. My dear Sylvia has been driving me crazy (more than usual) the last couple of days.  Yes, I know she is three but Joey and I have figure something out.  If you tell Luke, this is a rule, he follows, no questions asked.  Isabel will ask why and once you tell her, she decides it's a good enough reason and follows.  SYLVIA on the other hand, doesn't listen, doesn't follow, does the opposite, then, burns her hand, falls down or whatever the consequence and yet does the exact same thing the next day...and the next.  Tonight, she refused to get buckled so I basically told her that if she didn't get buckled and we got in a car crash she would pretty much die.  Maybe that traumatized her a little because on the rest of the car ride she kept talking about dying, but right after I said it, she got buckled so it worked for me.

I just wanted to share this story to show that there are very nice generous people in the world.  Tonight we went out to eat and some nice guy paid for our dinner and for the couple behind us as well then left before we even knew or could say thank you.  So, thank you mister!  We will certainly be sure to "pay it forward!"